Risk Disclosure: Forex Funded Program LLC serves as a mediator between you and the business that manages investor funds, trading capital, and backend broker connections and controls all related rights. FFP LLC does not offer brokerage, trading, or custody services for investor money. All other services offered when you purchase an evaluation from FFP LLC are offered solely by (……..) and not by FFP LLC. FFP LLC is not responsible for anything and never will be. Eightcap provides all broker-related services; FFP has no influence over pricing, slippage, or any other buying- or selling-related incidents.

Refund Policy: To attempt the 1-Step Evaluation, you must pay a one-time charge. This 1-Step Evaluation is being provided as a service. There are no returns because services are instantly provided after payment. Every transaction is considered final. When you order an evaluation from FFP LLC, you agree that you won’t get your money back.

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