You are free to select your first payout whenever you want. You have the option to compound your account indefinitely without asking for a payout. The trader (you) keeps 75% of the withdrawn gains, making the profit split 75/25. We restrict you to one payout every 30 days, however you can choose the day of your first payout.

AFTER PASSING YOUR ASSESSMENT, OUR SUPPORT TEAM WILL SEND YOU AN EMAIL WITH INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ACCESS AND COMPLETE YOUR TRADER AGREEMENT. REQUEST PAYOUT. Your funded account will be created, funded, and issued to you normally within 24-48 business hours following the completion of the agreement and the submission of the necessary Know Your Customer paperwork.

You have a funded account with $200,000, for instance. Three days into trading your funded account, you make $10,000 on it, bringing your account balance to $210,000. Email your request for withdrawal to payment@forexfundedprogram.com immediately.

Important: Your drawdown DOES NOT reset following withdrawal; it is permanently locked in at the original amount of your funded account (in this case, $100,000). If you were to withdraw $15,000 in this case, you would have violated the Maximum Trailing Drawdown Rule (please refer to above). Your drawdown will be limited to the opening balance of your account until you make your first withdrawal or reach 5% profit.

This means that if you have $115,000 and take $10,000 out. Your funded account will be financed, active, and tradeable after you receive payment. Your “max” drawdown is now $5000 due to the drawdown being capped at the initial $100,000. This implies that if you multiply a $100,000 by $30,000, you will have $300,000. With the addition of the $50,000 buffer, you can request a withdrawal of $150,000 right away.

Send an email to payment@forexfundedprogram.com with your desired withdrawal request when you are ready to take your profits. After that, we will add it to your USDT wallet.

We need all trades to be closed by 3:30 pm EST on Friday, unless you paid for the upgrade (available on the checkout page when you select an Evaluation above). Any open trades will be instantly closed by our end. You will be permitted to continue trading your account when the markets reopen because this is not viewed as a violation. subject to modification.

We do have options and expert traders who will support you through out your journey which can be availed at an additional subscription plan, along with it you can use CopyTrade, scripts and indicators too.

We are able to fund successful traders with live accounts and celebrate your success thanks to backed investment from investors. When you fund an account with our company, you are trading on a live account.

There are three ways to lose an account: the Daily Stop Rule, the 5 percent Trailing Drawdown Rule, or after a 30-day period of inactivity (during which no trades are opened or closed).

This is where we are right now in terms of the concept of “limits”:

Per person, the maximum amount is $2 million (can be made up of multiple assessments, provided none are same size at the same time)

Maximum of $2 million per strategy/EA (can be made up of multiple assessments, provided none are same size at the same time). Note: This applies to “off-the-shelf” EAs (market-purchased EAs used by many). We want to fund independent and unique strategies, not one that is the same across the board.

There is no limit to the number of accounts you can have (as long as they are under $2 million). Compounding has no upper limit. Up to $2 million in initial funding, then the account can be grown to any size you want – yes, even $10 million, $20 million, and so on.

All of the markets available here (all available through Eightcap) will be tradable through our own company. We provide individual shares, currencies, commodities, indices (such as the DXY and VIX), and over 200 different types of cryptocurrencies. Considering that Ment Funding has no control over risk or market depth, please be aware of any broker-side restrictions on these factors.

As soon as you get your account, be sure you select “Show All” pairs in the terminal. The “.i” pairs are those that can be traded. Ex. EURUSD.i, AUDUSD.i, US30.i

You can search for “.p” pairs of tradeable indices and cryptos. BTCUSD.p and ETHUSD.p, for instance.

Average of 1:100
Specification: One lot in Forex is equal to 100,000 units, one lot in cryptocurrency is equal to one coin, one lot in indices is equal to ten units, one lot in stocks is equal to one hundred shares (CFD), and one lot in commodities is equal to one hundred units. These definitions can also be found on the Eightcaps website.

 Despite having very strong depth of market on the majority of the pairs and markets it offers, there are a few exceptions. Eightcap handles these solely, and FFP has no influence over broker pricing, depth of market, or ANY other broker-related services. This is true regardless of the broker executing the trades, but please make sure you are aware of how slippage works and can impact your trading. Cryptos offered with FFP via Eightcap are offered as a CFD and not as a DEX product, so you may experience higher slippage as you trade larger lot sizes.

Yes. You may hedge positions on both sides as long as you are trading within the authorized 1:10 leverage and lot size (visible in your dashboard upon purchase).

Your lots will be freed up and available for hedging if you have moved your trade to breakeven (stop loss locking in a profit on the entire position).

An example would be trading EUR/USD with a $100,000 account. The price of EUR/USD is currently 1.11000 (estimate; be careful to use the asset’s price at the time of your computation.

You may take up to $100,000 * (leverage), which is equal to $1,000,000/1.11000 (E/U price), $900,900 / $100,000 (size of a standard lot), or 9.009, which is equal to a maximum of 9.00 lots.

The maximum lot size with risk allowed is 10 lots, thus if you enter a BUY order on EUR/USD for 9 lots, you will only be able to hedge EUR/USD for 1 lot. However, you can now enter a SELL on EUR/USD for up to 10 lots if you adjust your Stop Loss above the entry price once it starts to rise (putting you in profit). Although hedging is independent of the Maximum Lot Size with Risk, it does help to minimise the required margin since MetaTrader is a netting platform. Additionally, increasing a stop-loss to breakeven will allow for the use of more lots in comparison to the Maximum Lot Size with Risk, but it won’t allow for the trading of more margin. Two separate requirements that must be satisfied are the margin and the lot size with risk.

We collaborate with eightcap, a highly regarded, long-established, and licenced broker. Eightcap offers all spreads on all tradeable instruments as part of its raw account spreads, which start at 0.0 pips on Majors.

Commissions for foreign exchange are $3 each way, or $6 per lot round trip for a trade.

You can trade using either Mt4 or Mt5, depending on your comfort level. After your payment has been received, you will receive an email with a link to download the trading platform and your credentials (15-30 minutes).

The software is also available for direct download from this page.

You can find a clearer explanation of these guidelines in our terms and conditions (view upon purchasing your evaluation).

Simply said, it’s forbidden to take advantage of arbitrage pricing or latency. It’s forbidden to utilise dishonest techniques, such as delay pricing, to gain an advantage in a test environment.

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