Meet the MyForexFunds Staff – Haider Raza Operations Director

Can you introduce yourself?

I am Haider Raza, aged 23, a number enthusiast. I love sports – Cricket and Football (soccer) being the primary ones which I have actively been playing. One of my favorite hobbies is photography and that is because I am a fan of nature. I keep an album of all the photographs I’ve captured so far and look forward to travelling new places to expand my album.

How long have you been working at MFF? What were you doing before?

I am one of the original members of MyForexFunds. I was part of the original pilot program with the intention of insisting the CEO expand our ideas into the FX Prop trading market. We are almost approaching our second anniversary and seems like it was just yesterday when all I had to do was wait for an order to hit our back-end for hours and I go and create it. Before MFF, I was involved in Finance and Taxation.

In which team are you working at MFF?/What is your position?

I am the Operations Director. The back-office is where you will find me, my day to do involves managing our large team in back end to make sure problems are resolved and payments go out on time. I am also a vital part of bringing in new vendors and finding parts of our business we can enhance through automation or process changes.

What interests you about working at MFF?

It’s rare to find an organization incorporated with so many cultures. It is always fruitful to interact with people from all backgrounds. The mission from the start has been to provide fair and transparent prop firm conditions to funded traders around the world. With these objectives, I’ve witnessed the growth of so many people in front of my eyes which just instills a sense of achievement in the heart and motivates me to assist in moving us forward.

What is your typical workday like?

Initially when the company was formed, I was a part of every business function that was necessary to keep the ball rolling. From customer support to account provisioning, to processing of payouts, to financial analysis, and to so much more – which really gave me that instinct to get ourselves further ahead.

Now that we have had exponentially grown and have hundreds of staff working within the company, I am now heavily involved in overlooking the different back-office departments that we have. My day generally starts with me focusing on the client side of back-office functions to observe any problems or changes that need to be done.
A lot of my day also includes accounting and business analysis, managing the outgoings and incomings of the company and making sure our books are up-to-date. Another major part of the day gets taken up by vendor meetings along with IT infrastructural deployments and their testing. This industry never lets the IT people relax, and so every other day we have to strengthen the systems to match the growth of our traders and provide the security and efficacy that funded traders have come to expect.

Can you share your best experience at MFF?

This is a very difficult question. In the duration of these almost 2 years, every experience here has been worth recalling and remembering. Every experience has been the one where you can say, “Hey, you know what? This made my day!”

If you were to ask me about my best experience, out of a hundred or even more, The launch of Evaluation program still remains at the top of my head as my best experience of MFF. Increasing web traffic, more live chat requests, many more emails, and a very happy day for the company.

Do you remember your hardest day at MyForexFunds?

The day right after Evaluation launch, without a doubt. It was a day of constant web checks and traffic monitoring. That was the highest traffic we saw on the website since the beginning of the company until then and live chats were at peak. Having to go back and forth from account creation (because it was manual at that time) and live chat and overall system monitoring, was excruciating. And then, the traffic broke our website and bringing it back up was another thing to do. I remember those 3 days made me drink 30 cups of coffees so I can stay up and I don’t tend to remember if I slept more than 3 hours in total during these 3 days. But again, the experience and the pressure was all worth it for where we are now.

Whats it like working with the team at MyForexFunds?

It is truly a fantastic experience. People from all cultures working together, developing a chemistry that is needed the most within an organization is the best feeling you would ever witness. Watching individuals from all corners of the world team up and work for our community brings a smile to my face and I wonder if there was ever a better venture than this one, which started as a baby and has grown into an adult in no time. What I see here is support for one another, backing up an individual if things aren’t working out nice for him or her, that is what pumps up our team and prepares them for the next big day of providing funded trading accounts to FOREX traders.

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